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 JSC SMILTENES PIENS - Dairy Production Company



Beginning of dairy production in Smiltene found in 1881 when established agriculture association in Smiltene. Changing time and owners ‘Smiltenes piens’ is one of the oldest dairy production plants in Latvia. It exists almost 100 years. ‘Smiltenes piens’ was established in 1912 with title DCF ‘Smiltenes Pienotava’. Based on law ‘About dairy privatization’ in gratuitous order State Valmieras  dairy processing plant Smiltenes dairy was delivered SDCF ‘Smiltenes pienotava’ in 1993. ‘Smiltenes piens’, JSC was founded on 22 December 1998 by reorganization of dairy processors’ co-operative company ‘Smiltenes pienotava’ and after two years in 2000 was incorporation with JSC ‘Blomes siers’, that produced ‘Krievijas’, ‘Holandes’ and smoked cheese ‘Azaids’.

After year 2000 in development of ‘Smiltenes piens’, JSC was invested large finances and achieved company’s complete modernization: in both Smiltene and Blome was installed new production equipment, realized old building renovation, built cheese dairy in Smiltene and built cheese ripening room in Blome attracting money from SAPARD project. New built cheese dairy started to work in 2003 but after reconstruction started to work Blomes cheese dairy in 2004.



‘Smiltenes piens’, JSC is the third biggest dairy production company in production of half hard cheese and sixth biggest dairy production company in Latvia.

JSC ‘Smiltenes piens’ produces wide dairy product choice – milk, kefir, butter, sour cream, cream, skimmed milk and whole milk curd, curd products and cheese  both packed and products sold by weight. Company’s produced production is natural without preservatives and the company does not use milk powder in production. JSC ‘Smiltenes piens’ realizes its production in Latvia and export it to Russia, Estonia, Germany, Israel, USA and the main export product is cheese.

JSC ‘Smiltenes piens’ is the only company in Latvia and nearest neighborhood that produces special exclusive cheese ‘Latvijas’ and it’s slightly spicy ‘brother’ cheese ‘Bakšteins’.

JSC ‘Smiltenes piens’ carries out a full milk processing cycle – milk purchasing, processing, dairy product production and distribution. More than 150 suppliers form Valkas, Cēsu, Gulbenes, Madonas, Limbažu, Alūksnes, Valmieras regions provide high quality milk for the company.



The Company has been granted several certificates proving the high standard of SMILTENES’s   production plant and organization, namely:

  • HACCP DS : 3027

  • ISO 9001 : 2000

  • EU Conformity Certificate

  • Export Certificate to Russia

‘Smiltenes piens’, JSC production has regularly participated in exhibitions and expositions. ‘Smiltenes piens’, JSC produced curd cake ‘Koķete’ in the 14th International Exhibition ‘RIGA FOOD 2009’ achieved silver medal but in the 13th International Exhibition ‘RIGA FOOD 2008’ bronze medal was given to ‘Smiltenes piens’, JSC produced cheese ‘Ugļičas’ and silver medal – cheese ‘Krievijas’ and sour cream, fat 25%.   In international exhibition WORLDFOOD (Moscow 2008) ‘Smiltenes piens’, JSC produced cheese ‘Krievijas’ won the silver medal.

‘Smiltenes piens’, JSC achieved association’s ‘Marketing Board’ mark ‘Qualitative product’ or ‘green spoon’ brand for such products – skimmed milk curd, curd, fat 9%. classical cheeses – ‘Krievijas’, ‘Holandes’ and ‘Ugličas’, exclusive cheese – ‘Latvijas’ as well as processed cheese ‘Azaids’ in year 2005.

HACCP - Food Safety Management and ISO 9001:2008 - Quality management systems are introduced and operating successfully in the company's production.  


  • product quality

  • customers

  • milk suppliers

  • employees

  • the company's reputation


‘Smiltenes piens’, JSC participates regularly from 2002 in the association ‘Cheese Club’ organized Latvian region cheese festival events. Inhabitants form Smiltene hosted ‘Cheese festival’ participants and the association ‘Cheese Club’ in cooperation with ‘Smiltenes piens’, JSC organized third Latvian region cheese festival event in  Smiltene, in 2004. In the event were built mountain of cheese, could see 100kg heavy cheese cake and 150m long cheese bread. Also could taste cheese ice cream, which company provided for participants and visitors of celebration, as well as to purchase other dairy products.

‘Smiltenes piens’, JSC deals also with the charity by sponsoring both the educational institutions and other collectives, including Smiltenes high school, Smiltenes grammar school, Palsmanes special boarding school and institutions – ‘Latvijas Spēkavīru Asociācija’, Smiltene Evangelic Lutheran Church, The Vidzeme Development Agency, Smiltene’s Cultur House mixed choir "Hills", a crisis center for families with children "Aegis" and many others of which have received thankfulness letters. 




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