With traditions and skills that have been developed and improved for more than a century, the company has become one of the leaders of the milk processing industry in Latvia. The brand “Smiltenes piens” is recognized and appreciated both by people in Latvia and by gourmands abroad.

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We are honest towards our clients, employees and milk suppliers. Honesty is the core principle of our company along with quality. Quality is achieved due to high-quality ingredients and professionalism of our employees, as well as carefully executed production control and supervision.

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AS “Smiltenes piens” is regularly participating and achieving great results at various food exhibitions and shows. Different and exclusive cheeses, tasty and nourishing cottage cheese, as well as exquisite and original cottage cheese products – all of these products have gained recognition in competitions in Latvia and abroad.

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As a traditional company with a deep sense of national identity, AS “Smiltenes piens” understands the significance of good works performed for the benefit of our country and city, as well as the unity of society and personal development. Therefore we regularly and gladly help those who need it the most.

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New Products


2015. gada 22. July

Milk from cows treated with loving care is turned by skilled experts into the beloved and common cultured miracle – kefir. Regular use contributes to prevention of various diseases, digestion processes, and a longer life.

Indeed, kefir is a highly popular beverage, but it is much more than just a healthy topping to a meal: mixed with juicy greens or flax-seeds, as an ingredient of a fluffy pie or tart, as a replacement of milk for gingerbread dough, or part of low-calorie cocktails.

Now the kefir by Smiltenes piens is available in 1 litre bottle.

Net weight: 1000g
Ingredients: skimmed milk, milk proteins, lactic acid bacteria ferments, kefir fungus ferment.
fat 2.5g, incl. saturated fatty acids 1.5g;
carbohydrate 4.5g, incl. sugars 0g;
protein 3.8-4.1g
* salt per 100 g of product ≤ 0.1g (incl. Na 0.04g)
* May contain salt only due to presence of natural sodium.
Nutritional value: 237 kJ/56.5kcal
Store in temperature between +2° and +6°C


Cottage Cheese Cake “Smiltene” with Apple jam

2015. gada 22. October

Exquisite cake with a rich layer of soft cottage cheese mass spread over a chocolate brownie, and on top of that — sweet apple jam with real fruit pieces that melt right on your tongue.

Packaging: 500 g cardboard box
100 g of product contains:
Fat 12.2 g
including saturated fatty acids 9.1 g
Carbohydrate 30.1 g
including sugars 27.0 g
including starch 1.08 g
Protein 5.3 g
Salt ≤ 0.1 g
Nutritional value: 1053 kJ / 251.4 kcal


Classic cream cheese

2016. gada 29. March

Light cream cheese without additives for your kitchen experiments: light snacks with your favourite greens, rich main dishes, and exquisite desserts, like, cheesecakes.


Cream cheese with tomato and basil

2016. gada 29. March

Summery and cream aromatic cheese that will remind you of Mediterranean feelings and will fit various easy-to-cook meals — as a classic snack, exotic treat for family picnic or small excursion, or even as basis for various dips.


Spicy cream cheese

2016. gada 29. March

True harmony of spiciness and freshness in one product — that is what somewhat exotic cream cheese with spicy chilli and finely-selected spice mix is. Ideal as a spread or for crispy galettes or lavash.


Cream cheese with tuna

2016. gada 29. March

Light cream cheese with healthy tuna spread over a breakfast sandwich takes your meal out to the beach and gives you energy for the whole day. Will fit even stews, salads, and pies.



2016. gada 24. May

A natural cheese comprising genuine Mediterranean traditions and fit for countless meals characteristic of this region, starting from crispy pizzas or exquisite snacks to juicy salad or first course served with a light chicken fillet, for example. Try Mozzarella onto a toast with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil on top of it!


Smoked Mozzarella

2016. gada 24. May

Smoked cheese with the characteristic taste of Mozzarella. A package contains 1 kg of cheese without any fluid. Smoked Mozzarella is unmatched with garnishes like fresh greens or pesto, just-picked or sun-dried tomatoes, sea food or grilled courgette, olives or thyme. You can even stuff vegetable with it!



2014. gada 2. September

Cheese “Maasdammer” is a semi-hard type of Swiss cheese made according to a special recipe characterised by the large holes or “eyes” making the cheese look especially appetising. The cheese is fermented in special cheese basements at a certain temperature, to give it a creamy, sweet-and-sour taste.



2014. gada 5. August

Freshly-baked rhubarb pie and fresh milk… Reminds of summers spent with the granny.

Ingredients: Cottage cheese whey protein concentrate, rhubarb syrup 10% (sugar, water, rhubarb (6%), flavouring, acidity regulator citric acid, thickening agent pectin), inulin.
100 ml of product contains:
Nutritional value 79 kcal/ 336 kJ
0.5 g fat,
including ≤0.2 g saturated fatty acids
9.7g carbohydrate,
including 5.85 g sugars
3 g fiber
9 g protein
Salt content in 100 g of product ≤0.5 g.




2014. gada 4. August

A light cottage cheese and cream cake with a tempting chocolate sponge base, a rich layer of cherry jam and whole cherries on top. Natural lemon juice adds a slightly tart kick.

Ingredients: cream, cottage cheese, decorative whole cherries 17.8% (cherries 60%, glucose–fructose syrup, water, modified starch, sugar, acidity regulator (trisodium citrate), sponge (sugar, butter, eggs, wheat flour, cocoa powder, salt, baking powder, vanillin), sugar, water, natural lemon juice, gelatine.

Net weight: 500 g
100 g of product contains:
Nutritional value: 252 kcal / 1055 kJ
12.7 g fat, including 8.6 g saturated fatty acids
28.6 g carbohydrate, including 20.4 g sugars, 0.82 g starch
5.8 g protein
Salt content in 100 g of product — ≤0.1 g
Storage temperature +20… +60°C.



2014. gada 4. August

An elegant cottage cheese cake with a superb addition of bilberries. The cake is made of “Smiltenes piens” cottage cheese whipped premium-quality cream, and natural, refreshing lemon juice.

500 g cardboard box
100 g of product contains:
16.6 g fat, including 13.5 g saturated fatty acids
4.1 g protein
26 g carbohydrate, including 19 g sugars
Salt content in 100 g of product — >0.1 g
Nutritional value:
373 kcal / 1141 kJ
Storage temperature:
Best before:
5 days


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