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  • 1881. Establishment of an agricultural association in Smiltene


    Latvian farmers, who had just gained their personal freedom, knew how to work well. However, it was clear that great things could only be accomplished by sharing experiences and helping each other.

  • 1901. Establishment of the Smiltene Manor dairy plant

    The local farmers started acquiring skills of producing high-quality delicious milk products. Obviously the location was perfect – cows were well-fed and people were diligent and willing to learn.

  • 1910. Establishment of a Dairy Producers Association

    Over the next few years, the most active members of the Dairy Producers Association of Smiltene were able to process more than 500 tons of high-quality milk per year. The local people appreciated that.


  • 1912. The year of establishment of AS “Smiltenes piens”; the original name: PKS “Smiltenes pienotava”


    Construction of the dairy plant began. The plant became the basis for all the ambitious achievements that followed in further years. Since then fresh milk and exquisite milk products became available to everybody.

  • 1918. Company modernization commenced and continued during the first independence period of Latvia

    After the establishment of the Latvian state, delivery possibilities were extended and six creamery points were opened. This provided opportunities to farmers who lived farther from the plant to deliver milk to the masters of the Smiltene plant.

  • 1926. 300 farms selling milk to the dairy plant


    Mainly butter for export was produced that was highly rated by specialists and gourmands of Western Europe. The dairy plant was also producing cheese for domestic needs.

  • 1949. Dairy plant becomes subordinate to Valmieras piena kombināts

    Cheese and other dainties produced in Smiltene were also exported to the largest cities of Russia. Butter made using a unique method became especially popular and recognized among its consumers.


  • 1993. Smiltene dairy plant owned by Valmieras piena kombināts transferred to SPKS “Smiltenes pienotava”

    After the restoration of independence of Latvia, a very complicated but fruitful development process began that still continues to this day.

  • 1998. The company is reorganized and named AS “Smiltenes piens”

    A new form of business – joint stock company, and the determination of the team of workers allowed the company to lay a new foundation for its development. The time of uncertainty had ended.

  • 2000. Merger with AS “Blomes siers”


    Previously, the plant in Blome produced “Russian” and “Dutch” cheeses and smoked cheese “Azaids”. After the merger, an even more successful development of this important industry for Latvia was to take place.

  • 2000. – 2004. Modernization of the company

    After making significant investments in the plants in Smiltene and Blome, new production units were installed and renovation of old buildings and construction of new ones was started. The new cheese department and reconstructed cheese ageing premises were opened in Blome. This gave us reason to be proud!


  • 2005. AS “Smiltenes piens” obtains the right to use the “Green spoon” quality label


    The brand “High-quality product of Latvia” or “Green spoon” has been awarded to consumer favourites such as “Lauku” cottage cheese, the famous “Russian”, “Dutch”, “Uglich” and “Latvian” cheeses, as well as the processed cheese “Azaids”.

  • 2008. – 2009. Specialists from Smiltene gain international recognition

    The company has obtained prizes in competitions at the exhibition Riga Food and the international food exhibition Worldfood in Moscow. Our cottage cheese cakes, sour cream, “Uglich” and “Russian” cheeses have been particularly highly appraised.

  • 2011. Revolution! Masters from Smiltene create a unique product in Europe: Piena Spēks [Power of milk]

    This miracle product is a natural source of protein and it is produced in an appliance acquired especially for the production of Piena Spēks. Now, athletes and other people who practice healthy lifestyle do not have to mix chemical powders anymore, since a fresh and ready-made essence of energy is now available. Furthermore, the product comes in different wonderful flavours.

  • 2012. Celebrating the 100 year anniversary

    100% natural and tasty products of “Smiltenes piens” are exported to Russia, Estonia, Germany, Israel and the USA. People in Latvia also appreciate the exquisite products made from ingredients supplied by Vidzeme farmers.


  • 2014. AS “Smiltenes piens” – one of the largest milk processing companies in Latvia

    The plants are operating in line with the strictest requirements to ensure food safety and quality control. All products are produced without the use of preservatives or powdered milk. Therefore each piece of the dairy art produced in Smiltene is genuine, healthy and our own!


fakti_ar_ko_lepojamies With traditions and skills that have been developed and improved for more than a century, the company has become one of the leaders of the milk processing industry in Latvia. The brand “Smiltenes piens” is recognized and appreciated both by people in Latvia and by gourmands abroad.

  • More than 100 years of history
  • The third largest cheese producer in Latvia in terms of volume
  • The sixth largest milk processing company
  • Cooperates with more than 150 suppliers of high-quality Latvian milk
  • The only company that produces the exclusive “Latvian” cheese
  • Exports to Russia, Estonia, Germany, Israel and USA


We are honest towards our clients, employees and milk suppliers. Honesty is the core principle of our company along with quality. Quality is achieved due to high-quality ingredients and professionalism of our employees, as well as carefully executed production control and supervision.

  • The company does not use any preservatives, artificial additives or powdered milk.
  • The entire milk processing cycle is strictly controlled: this includes supply, processing, production and sales.
  • The company has implemented and is successfully applying an HACCP food safety management system.
  • ISO 9001:2008 quality management system has also been implemented.
  • The company’s products have been awarded the “Green spoon” quality label.


AS “Smiltenes piens” is regularly participating and achieving great results at various food exhibitions and shows. Different and exclusive cheeses, tasty and nourishing cottage cheese, as well as exquisite and original cottage cheese products – all of these products have gained recognition in competitions in Latvia and abroad.

  • “Russian” cheese (Silver medal, International food exhibition WORLDFOOD 2008, Moscow)
  • Cottage cheese cake “Koķete” (Silver medal, International food exhibition RIGA FOOD 2009)
  • “Uglich” cheese (Bronze medal, International food exhibition RIGA FOOD 2009)
  • “Russian” cheese (Bronze medal, International food exhibition RIGA FOOD 2009)
  • Sour cream with 25% fat content (Silver medal, International food exhibition RIGA FOOD 2009)
  • Skimmed milk cottage cheese (Gold medal, 17th International food competition RIGA FOOD 2013)


As a traditional company with a deep sense of national identity, AS “Smiltenes piens” understands the significance of good works performed for the benefit of our country and city, as well as the unity of society and personal development. Therefore we regularly and gladly help those who need it the most:

  • Smiltene Centre Secondary School
  • Smiltene Gymnasium
  • Palsmane Special Boarding School
  • Latvian Strongmen Association
  • Smiltene Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • Vidzeme Development Agency
  • Smiltene Cultural Centre mixed choire “Pakalni”
  • Crisis Centre for families with children “Paspārne”


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